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Meet The Ford On Main Project Team

Pictured from left to right: Seth Haight, COO, Springbrook; Derek Jeffers, Assistant Director of Facilities, Springbrook; Scott Townsend, Architect, SWBR; Kevin Morris, Director of Facilities, Springbrook; and Michele Sherwood, Executive Assistant and project lead, Springbrook

Scott Townsend, AIA - SWBR

Architect for The Ford On Main

Scott is more than an architect that designs buildings – he has a passion for healing and invigorating neglected and underserved communities, neighborhoods, and buildings. His portfolio includes a range of Mixed-Use, Adaptive Re-Use, and Affordable Housing projects. His clients trust him for his expertise in planning, designing, and envisioning their projects. He was drawn to architecture out of his desire to create something that is local, tangible, and addresses a larger societal or global issue.

Stay tuned for the next team member on the Ford on Main project!

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